Fairly Traded Handcrafted Gifts, Eco Friendly Tote Bags,

Handmade Baskets and Artisan Crafted Jewelry

Start Naked develops handcrafted gifts characterized by creativity and authenticity with high respect for the skill of its artisans.

The Start Naked brand is a spicy unique upscale line with products developed globally. We co-create with skilled artisans and import unique high quality tropical and resort accessories. An eclectic array of fairly traded handcrafted gifts and unique treasures await you. Each piece is artisan crafted and a unique one of a kind collectible. Our fairly traded eco friendly line is great for resort wear, spa, cruise, travel and outdoor entertaining.  Please come in and discover the imagination and skills of these amazing artisans.

We invite you to read… Our Story

Start Naked is not just a unique brand but a metaphor for all that is fresh and childlike in our selves. Philosophically, it is about shedding the ego and appreciating all that is natural and beautiful in our amazing world.  It’s a wholesome understanding of the friendship and connection we have with other people and their culture. We all start naked every day. As adults we often forget that vulnerability, rather than ego ~and simple joy, rather than false sophistication is what makes us real.

Start Naked~ and carry your shoes!

This website is for viewing of items only. Please Contact Us if you are interested in purchasing any of our unique hand crafted products.

Start Naked is a trademark of Sterling Ideas Inc.

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